Synefra’s EHS Policy

EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) System

At Synefra, Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) is given the highest priority. The EHS Policy is laid down by the Corporate Management emphasizing on Environment, Health & Safety through a structured approach and a well defined organization.

Synefra’s Environment, Health & Safety system ensures consistent and effective management of environmental protection, occupational health and safety of its employees & workers throughout the business establishment and interface with partners, clients and contractors.

“Strive for S-A-F-E: Synefra Accident Free Environment”
“Zero Accident”

In order to achieve these goals, systems and procedures have been established for implementing the requisites at all stages of Synefra’s services like Project Management.

Our objective is to make an effective Environment, Health & Safety Management System by ensuring that adequate precautions are taken to avoid accidents, occupational illness and harmful effects on the environment during and after construction as a part of Synefra’s overall operations.